Identity verification fails using Iphone

The Notabene verification fails several times using Iphone SE, IOS 15.1. Maybe due to lack of proper identity documentation. Is the documents the reason, and what is the work around?

Available documents are:

  • Passport with photo ID however expired.
  • Social security card without photo ID - however notabene does not support identity card for denmark according to the drop down country menu.
  • Birth certificate without Photo ID.


Yes, it sounds like the documents could be the reason for the failed verification.

You can find a list of supported documents per country here.

In Denmark the supported documents are: Passport, drivers license, visa and residence permit. Even though your passport is on the supported list, it will not work if it is expired.

I’m afraid there are no other workarounds than to get a new passport or one of the other supported documents.

You are probably right, will get a passport renewal.

Probably a barrier to mass adoption though, since many passports could be expired during covid, and/or due to climate change related choice not to fly. Think you should consider using a broader selection of common ID.