Initial testnet account creation failure

On Concordium Blockchain Wallet for Android for testnet I have created 3 identities from different providers, but can not create an initial account with neither of them. After trying to create an account I have a disabled account with the following message: Account creation failed in the process of creation.

On the mainnet I have managed to create an account successfully with the same steps.

Hello dnspv

Did you try to wait with the account creation, after your ID was created? The issue you just mentioned happened with me too, when account creation happened too fast before the ID status was green (accepted/created).

Concordium Tech Support

Hi Zoltan,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I tried to wait, before my ID status was green. I also tried to create an account a couple of days later than ID was created

Are you using the new app or the legacy one?

If you are using the new one we just released an update that fixes this issue, version 1.1.0 (26).

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Hi abizjak,
Thanks, it solved the problem

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