My address in not in chain

Hi community. My name is SEYYİD KUTUB TUĞ from Turkey,
I bought ccd from switchere. But they couldnt send me my ccd. They inform me that my wallet address is not valid or has been deactivated. But its not. I verify my identity and i can see my wallet adress on app. I wrote to Pablo and he told me that;

“3yStzkFdQ18UQn1oDia8vQ7FFf5VgpAogtiJ5TqeC3yk46tGay” does not exist on the chain.
Most likely, an error occurred during the account creation process. It doesn’t really exist in the chain. Can you try creating a new account?

I tried to create new wallet on app. But waiting blue circle so much and then i get an error that includes "Account creation failed the process of creation"

I tried to delete app and reinstall, import, try again. But same…
Please help me because i share this wallet address with you for airdrop. And I dont want to lose that.

Thank You
Best Regards…

My phone is Iphone Se (2020), IOS 15.2.1


Hi Seyyid

I can confirm that the account address does not exists on chain. Hence, you will not be able to use it and no one can transfer you money to it etc.

Assuming you don’t have CCDs on any account in the app yet, you should delete the app. Then please install the newest version of the app. You will then have to create a new identity and account. You might want to try the new identity provider DTS, which whom you might be more successful in creating an identity. If and when your account is finalized with a green check mark, click on the “Balance” line on the account card, then select the “Address” button and then copy your new address from there. Please provide that address to your air drop contact and ask them to replace your old address with it.

Thanks in advance!

/Concordium Tech Support

thank you so much i did what u say. it works. done. but i dont know who is air drop contact i dont know. how can i find them? thank you

Hi Kutubtug,

That’s great to hear!

You said that you sent the old address to us to receive your air drop rewards.
So you should just send your new address in the same way.

I believe the process is a bit different depending on which round of airdrops you’ve participated in, but if you are unsure who to contact, then try reaching out to our moderators on our Discord.

Best regards,

i mean this airdrop;

and it is closed now. and on discord, i typed one of mod and he doesnt know who is the authorized mod for airdrops. on tg, one of mod told me that stay tuned and i will be update you. but he didnt. anyone didnt. no one care about participiants issues… you told me that send new adrress to replace with old one. but they told me that its not possible. im starting to lose my trust to project and its mods…

Hi again, sorry for not getting back to you. I have forwarded your case internally some days ago. We will get back to you with further info asap.

Seyyid, please write to and provide your telegram user name and your new account address. Thank you!

Hi i did it. You can check the mail.
Thanks for your responsibility. I will inform you here when done
Best regards