TOKENS IN BAKING - mobile wallet

Morning Guys, I have tokens on BAKING from northstake / I don’t know how I can take out my tokens from there. Could you please help me. My tokens are on BAKING mode with no rewards.
I talked with northstake, they don’t how to help me and send me to Concordium.
I have tokens on mobile wallet. Could you please help me take out my tokens from BAKING.

Please for help, and thx for your time in advance.

Hello MXD

At the moment you have 3 options:)

  1. Write to Northstake and they could stop the baking. (I do not understand why they said that they cannot help with it, as you mentioned on Discord)
  2. Wait for the Sirius release and you can do it yourself, but there will be 3 weeks cooldown period. (at least that what I heard). Baker 815 is your baker ID.
  3. Trough CLI You can stop baking with your keys. Pablo offered help concerning that option…

Concordium Tech Support

Hey Zoltan, awesome solution.
I think second is great, need wait for a new wallet release. I use mobile wallet.
Time to release is no problem / we are in bear market, and my CCD possition is for a long term :slight_smile:

SIRIUS is a new node software ? also I will have a new version of mobile wallet with UN-BAKING option? You know I’m not technical. Please confirm or I need establish desktop wallet ?

and I write to Northstake and waiting for respond

As I can see Pablo solved the issue:)

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