Using the Desktop Wallet without running a node

While I very much appreciate to have my identity stored in Ledger hardware, it is way too restrictive to require that desktop users run a node. I failed to find a Docker image, but then again I was not motivated when met with this requirement.

I suggest that you provide the address of a node which Concordium itself manages. This could be the default in node settings.

Alternatively, if you could point me to a Docker image, I will try and run it in Docker Desktop with WSL 2 on my Windows PC. It’s an Intel NUC, I doubt it will be sufficiently powerful.

Alternatively, if you could point me to instructions on how to install a node on Azure, I could try that.

Hi @belgaard,
Thanks for taking the time to use our software and provide your suggestions.

Our documentation has guides for how to run a node on Ubuntu directly or through Docker.
We haven’t tested running it through WSL and we do not officially support it, but feel free to try it out and let us know how it goes.

We do not provide guides for how to run a node on Azure, but I know that some community members have had success with it.

Hi Kasper,

Sure, that’s the documentation I was referring to. The text “Download the full suite for running a node on Linux using Docker” tricked me into thinking that the download would include a Docker image along with instructions, yaml-files etc. for Docker Compose or something else.

That’s not what I found in concordium-software-linux-1.0.1-mainnet.tar.gz. Where is the Docker image?

Currently, we do not provide a standalone docker image, but the concordium-node tool (included in the tar file you downloaded) will download and run it for you. Once you have the docker image downloaded, you can use it as you see fit.

I hope that helps.