Wallet accounts empty on MacOS

My Baker has stopped working and after a while it seems like my accounts have been zeroed out. My 3 accounts are alle empty…

I can see the on-chain balance is okay on ie account 4UQJNbQPyTBWV6z2W5avKqtKMKV1QgqjKQiBaSMKND7GA7iyuk

What has gone wrong?

MacOS desktop wallet 1.5.0

Hi Anker. It seems that yesterday you sent a transaction to remove baker 75702. Please tell me, did you do it yourself ? We would like to know more technical details. Did you do all the steps involved in setting up the baker yourself ?
I suggest you to use another technical support channel - email us at support@concordium.software , in this case you will keep your privacy as this support channel is public.
Tell us all the information that you have - for example, the addresses of all the accounts that you are suspicious of zeroing.
Also note that your node does not send data to the dashboard - we do not see the node in the list of all the nodes. This is the reason why your baker does not work and you do not get any rewards.