Wallet connect from native dApp

We are developing a smartphone application (using React Native), designed to function as a native dApp on both Android and iOS platforms. For certain features of the app, we require integration with the Concordium wallet. Assuming users have the Concordium mobile wallet already installed on their devices, what would be the best approach to facilitate this connection within our dApp?

While there’s an option to scan the WalletConnect QR code, this isn’t practical when connecting from another native app on the same device. Is it possible to use WalletConnect to directly connect to mobile wallets via native apps without scanning a QR code?

WalletConnect supports initiating a connection via a deep link as well. That would be the way to initiate it.

The Concordium android wallet supports this already, the iOS version that supports it will be available soon.

Thank you. That sounds promising. Could you clarify the timeframe for “soon”?

I can’t say a date, but a couple of weeks.

This appears to be the latest release from few days ago:


I think there might be an error with the RN date; wasn’t it supposed to be in October? Also, I couldn’t find any mention of wallet connect in the release notes. Is it part of this update?

It will be part of the next release hopefully in a week or two.

For various reasons that feature was delayed a bit due to other priorities.

Apologies for delays.

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