Web wallet can not be recovered

Hi, yesterday i created a web wallet including identity which is approved.
Now on a second computer I want to have access to the same wallet, so after adding the web wallet and choose restore by using the 24 seed, it will search for my ID’s & accounts but none is found.

How can i gain access to the same wallet from a different/second instance?

Hello initcool

Could you send me your wallet address from the browser wallet?

Hi Zoltan,

It is 4WBZfA14q843uqpERtY1bLZEBCfxuAyLvkGexdb5ZzYeajRwWv

to be clear, on first computer i still have acces so funds are not " gone"
but if that first computer would crash or needed a re-install, then probably i would have an issue.

Are you 100% sure you are trying to recover on the same network (mainnet)?

Is there any error during recovery, or does it just not find any?

Just cant find anything, no error.

But, now I am a bit more worried.

On a 3rd computer, i did create a new web wallet (again chrome extension), so again a new identity, new seed phase, the works. Then, back on the 2nd computer, i did try to restore from this newly, on the 3rd computer created account. And this worked. So i figured something must have gone wrong, solutrion would be to transfer all to this new account.

Back on the 1st computer, which had this account, above address and the funds, now the extension was removed from the browser. Possibly some synchronisation or whatever, but now the result is:

1st computer, no identity, no access to it
2nd + 3rd computer, have same wallet identity

From 1st computer, i have seed but as reported originally seed is not accepted when restoring. I do also have the private key.

Finally, everything is oke. It has been my bad. Somehow i connected the wrong seed to the wallet i wanted to restore. I did see mt mistake and used the correct seed, and it got restored. Above, explaining the extension was removed is true but does not matter. Installing the extension and using correct seed, retrieves correct wallet.

many thanks for the help!