What are the benefits of revealing Identity Data?

Concordium Legacy Wallet has a feature “Reveal Identity Data” and this is not available in Web Wallet or Mobile Wallet.
So, I have two questions.

  1. In what cases do we need to disclose account attributes to public?
  2. How can I reveal the attributes if an account is created with mobile wallet or web wallet?
  1. Smart contracts can access revealed attributes, so you would reveal them if you would want to interact with a smart contract that, for example, only allowed interaction with accounts that are from Denmark.
  2. You cannot since those wallets at present do not support this feature.

Thanks for your reply.

So my understanding is that only legacy wallet users can call the contracts which require disclosure of attributes, am I right?

Are there plans for Web Wallet to support that feature, or to enable to import the account created in Legacy Wallet?

Yes to the first.

There are no near-term plans for that.

Note that on the other hand the new wallets support ID 2.0, which allows you to use your attributes off-chain, and either reveal them or prove properties about them (such as the country of residence is in EU). But not when interacting with contracts.


I understand the ID 2.0 and that is great feature for web3 application. however, I wonder if some could avoid the restriction like only allowed interaction with accounts that are from Denmark by calling the contract directly without using the wallet.
Please let me know if there is a way around this.

As I wrote above, in the non-legacy wallets there is no way to create accounts with any revealed attributes.

yeah, I understand that. What I would like to know is if there is a plan for ID 2.0 to be able to work with contracts in the future.

There are no immediate concrete plans. But there are discussions in this direction.

One of the bigger challenges is that data, once revealed on the chain, is public forever.

Another one is that checking proofs is expensive.

Sorry I cannot provide any more details at the moment.

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