ID flow hangs at page "Your data is being verified"

On some Android phones, we have a known issue at the last stage in the identity flow of Notabene. After submitting all documents and the selfie, the users land on the progress verification page as shown below.

This page should only be visible for very few minutes and the users will usually be redirected back to the Concordium wallet to see the progress of the identity and account creation.

However, some Android phones keep hanging on the progress verification page for a very long time and/or are redirected to the identity flow starting page. We are currently investigating the issue and hope to have a fix ready soon.

Until we have more information, you can try the following.

  1. Make sure that your CCD app version is 1.0.22 (under More > About).

  2. Momentarily allow pop-ups and redirects:

    • Open Chrome and press the three dots to the right of the address bar.

    • Then follow these steps:

      • Press Settings
      • Press Site Settings
      • Press Pop-ups and redirects
    • If pop-ups and redirects are blocked, try to allow them momentarily.

    • Then try to go through the verification process again.

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