Identity Issuance Failures

In case your identity issuance and initial account creation fails or is pending for more than 15 minutes, the following checklist might be helpful.

Desktop Wallet :computer:

  1. The “waiting for device” message during the identity issuing flow indicates that the Desktop Wallet is waiting for a Ledger device.
  2. The “The following keys have missing data: document_front” error during the identity issuance flow occurs when the id documents are uploaded, rather than photographed, and the selfie is taken using your phone. The workaround is to use either use your webcam for the selfie or to photograph the id documents with your phone.

Mobile Wallet :iphone:

  1. Note that we support Android 8 and later and iOS 13 and later.
  2. After finishing to issue an identity, leave your mobile app open for several minutes or return to it frequently during the first hours.
  3. On iOS, the flow for identity verification is still somewhat cumbersome.
  4. On some Android phones, the id flows hangs at the last page “your data is being verified”.

General :passport_control:

  1. Please check, if your physical identity document is supported.
  2. Try another identity document, if you have one available. It seems to us that attempts with an international passport are most successful, whereas identity issuance with a driver’s license fails more often. So if possible, please use your international passport.
  3. Check if the photo on your document is clear and visible. The photo should match your current looks, e.g. remove glasses.

If you have tried all items and your identity issuance keeps failing, please contact Notabene directly via and provide the exact date and time of one of your identity creation attempts.